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About Us

Using our well respected brand, economy of scale and demographic profile, DXC is proud to showcase our Benefit Partners

DXC Employee Benefits

DXC recognises the importance of recognising the important role each employee and contractor makes to the service and support we provide to our clients.

So together with selected Benefits Partners who share our values and true commitment to delivering amazing customer service and support in the same way we do for our DXC clients.

Add to this, Benefits Partners also provide access to competitive pricing and additional in-house benefits.

Our benefits are centred around wellness, underpinned with 4 pillars. Each pillar focuses on benefits that support and embrace a positive difference to each employee, whether at work or at home.

The DXC Experience

At DXC, our people come first, and this means your wellbeing does too. Explore DXC’s benefits and workplace programs to help you optimise your wellbeing at work and at home.

DXC is leading the way in reimagining the way we work and continues to explore ways of working that are best for our customers, our teams, and our people. 


As a virtual-first company, we support flexible work arrangements. Many of our teams work remotely, some at an office location, while others have adopted a hybrid approach to work.

Whether you are caring for loved ones or simply adapting to the ever-changing demands of our world, we want you to have the flexibility to be productive, safe and healthy.

We will help you to explore optimal work arrangements and ensure you have access to the right tech to enable your success and that of our business.

Meet Our Benefits Partners

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